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Musician - Tuba - Other brass and wind instruments - Composer


14-17 november 2023:
Concerts with Camilla Susann Haug in Kristiansand.

21-24 november 2023:

Concerts with ADLIB in Mandal



Autumn 2023:

Release of three albums:

1) BAG (Glacier records)
2) Camilla Susann Haug - "Himmelsk ekvator" (NYENOR)
3) KLABERTKNARKEN (GLacier records)

Release Tour with Camilla Susann Haug band in Arendal, Lillesand, Kristiansand, Mandal and Flekkefjord.

School concerts with Fint er Rart, Rart er Fint in Rogaland, Trøndelag, Bærum and Agder
School concerts with Luft og Kjærlighet in Kristiansand
New production with Eirik Dørsdal and Trygve Tambs-Lyche for High Schools in Agder

Concert with Trond Aslaksen and Tore Buer Christensens new poem-project in Arendal

Concerts in Vestlandet with Jorun Marie Kverberg-trio

Concerts with JUBA TUBA in Bergen

Preproduction with SOT 
Preproduction with TU'BA

Concert with Trygve Seim Ensemble

tumn 2022:
Mixing new record with Camilla Susann Haug band
New SOT-album (vinyl) , 28.10.2022: "Monster Master"
Steffen Schorn-tour in Germany, november 2022

Fint er rart/Rart er fint, tour, Agder - september 2022
Klangfestivalen, Fræna - with Perleskum and Karl Seglem

Copenhagen jazz festival, juli 2022 
Juba Tuba, tour, Troms, Norway - june 2022
Release concert, Eirik Dørsdal - mai 2022
Juba Tuba, Svalbard - april 2022
Lars Andreas Haug band, tour, Bærum kulturhus/Arendal kulturhus/Skiensjazzdraget - april 2022
Fint er rart/Rart er fint, tour - mars 2022
Juba Tuba tour - february 2022
Juba Tuba tour - january 2022
SOT studio - january 2022

Studio session with Eirik Dørsdal - November 2021

Studio session with SOT - December 2021
Studio session with Knut Arne Finsrud - December 2021

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