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Konzerthaus Berlin, 22.nd of October 2020

IMPACT 22nd of October 2020

Konzerthaus Berlin

Composer: Lars Andreas Haug

Performed by LouLou and trio Miosko


Lisa Ströckens, soprano

Miria Sailer, violin

Sophia Schultz, cello

Stephan Goldbach, double bass

Jeffrey Döring, text and scenography

Sven Paetsch, camera

Julius Giloi, video edit


This video is an excerpt from the concert

The composition is supported by Komponistenes vederlagsfond and TONO

IMPACT Impact is a piece of music where harmony and disharmony live side by side.

The journey describes the struggle between the beautiful and the ugly. The struggle between the good and the bad. Yin/Yang. In a way you can´ t describe the beautiful before you have experienced the ugly. And maybe the ugly could be more beautiful than the beautiful after a closer look? And maybe the beautiful isn’t so beautiful after all…? This piece represent an example of how life could be in some situations. Will your choices have impact on your life? Are you making your choices in life to get benefits for your own sake? Or do you dedicate your life to others well-being? Will it have an impact on your karma? Are you a believer or a non believer? Will this change your life? Will it change the future? Or is everything in life just random? The three movements of «IMPACT» is trying to describe how life sometimes take different directions, and that life still moves on whether you believe in karma or not. In the first movement you can hear frustration and anger. But also lightness and relief. In the second movement you can hear the melancholy and the changes between the hopeless and the hopeful. In the third movement you can feel the dance and hear the happiness. As well as the deepest black mental statements in mans mind. You can summarize your life horizontally or vertically. Or both….Or not….. What is the impact? Where is the impact? Are you in pact (im pact) with somebody?

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